Bosley and Charlie's Page

Bosley and Charlie are the latest addition to the Sexton family. They were born Jan 18th, 2007. They are a mix of Golden Retriever (the Mom) and Beagle (the Dad).
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We take our Pets to Cherokee Animal Hospital
Bosley and Charlie love and recommend  IAMS Large Breed Dog Food.  According to the Vet, Charlie loves it a little too much, or maybe Daddy is just overly generous at times.

Charlie and Bosley have really grown up. They're both currently weighing in at 52 lbs. Last Saturday they were neutered and are recovering this week. They're both doing well, and are really liking the fact that they get to stay inside while they recover. Here's an updated picture from May, but they've even grown more since then. More pics to come later.

May 23, 2007:
Charlie is 100 % recovered. The only problem is that he gave Parvo to Bosley when he came home.  At first we gave Bosley medicine ourselves, but after he still hadn't regained his appetite after 4 days, we sent him to stay with the Vet.  Today the Vet reports that Bosley seems to be doing ok, except that he won't eat.  He has an IV for fluids, and they are giving him his medicine through the IV and shots.  He has finally eaten some food but is apparently a VERY picky eater. If he seems to get his appetite back by tomorrow, then he can probably come hoem.

May 16, 2007:
Today the Vet indicated that Charlie threw up a couple times last night and today. Charlie seems to be feeling ok though, and the Vet said he was "hanging in there". For those of you that don't know, Parvo typically kills the infected animal, and usually within the first 48 hours. This is the third day that Charlie has been infected and he only seems to be getting better, so we've got high hopes for a positive outcome.

May 15, 2007:
Yesterday morning Charlie starting acting very lethargic, and wouldn't eat or drink. He also threw up twice. I thought he may have just eaten something that disagreed with him. Today he had the same symptoms. Cher thought he might have Parvo so we made an appointment with the Vet. Charlie tested positive for Parvo, and Bosley tested negative. Charlie seems to be doing better today than he was yesterday, but we're going to leave him with the Vet for treatment. The Vet will put an IV into Charlie for medicinal and nutritional purposes.

April 18th, 2007:
NEWS FLASH! Bosley and Charlie have officially moved outside! The fence around our back yard is now complete and they have free run of the yard. It's a big relief not having to wonder where they are and what they're doing (inside the house, that is). So far I we haven't had any escape attempts, but I'm sure Bosley still has some surprises in store for us. He's our little "escape artist".

Also, the boys are getting bigger!  I used to easily fit one of them on my palm and just part of my forearm. Now it takes my entire hand and forearm to get a grip on them just to pick them up.  They're 3 months old today..


April 4, 2005:
The boys "at work" with me.  Today I thought I'd try something new.  Instead of confining the boys to their "room" I brought them down here with me after lunch. They are sleeping, regardless of the noise I'm making and the music I'm playing. So far everything is working well. Hopefully they'll "tell" me if they need to go outside.